Monday, December 27, 2010


I can see Donovan McNabb in a 49ers uniform next year, can't you?

Or taking his talents to South Beach and wearing a Dolphin uniform?

3 years at about 9 million per for Ricky Nolasco? Ummmm......uh....sure, why not?

So according to Alex Marvel of, the Jets are headed in the wrong direction. Lessee, the Jets are 10-5, one week out from beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh, and are in the playoffs. So, yeah...the team is heading in the wrong direction. Oh please, Alex.

Sure the Jets have problems. And not small problems. But hell, everybody outside of the Patriots has serious problems. Check out the Steelers offensive line, or the Colts rush offense. Mainly, Marvel says that the Jets couldn't get a pass rush. Well, with an aging and hurt Shaun Ellis, replacement parts Mike Devito and Sione Pouha starting, the Jets aren't exactly loaded with Richard Seymour and B.J. Raji on their line. Schemes were what worked last year to cover a dearth of talent, and coaching is the only thin  keeping the d-line as decent as it is. And again, a 10-5 record with a 2nd rate d-line. Not too shabby. Not new coaches, the Jets just need better personnel.

I'm sorry...did Tim Tebow just throw for 300 yards against the Texans? Gary Kubiak, you are so fired.

Carl Pavano should really go back to the Twins. Whatever was happening there was working for him. Stay in the Twin Cities, Carl.

Don't look now, but the "On Probation" USC Trojans have the number 6 recruiting class in the country, including 2 of the top 4 quarterbacks in the class. They also have 4 kids who run a legit 4.4 40, and 3 of those 4 are over 6'1". Yeah, they sure seem punished by the NCAA.

Since beating Michigan State and winning the NCAAs 2 years ago, the North Carolina Tar Heels have gone 28-21. Things aren't going to get any easier with the ACC schedule coming up. Hey Roy, time to get your young team in order.

That Jimmy Clausen era in Carolina sure went fast huh? 

Nice win by the Knicks on Christmas Day. Even more impressive—and shocking—was Mike D'Antonio's defense. holding Rose and Boozer to 23 for 53.

Was that Kurt Thomas playing center for the Bulls? My god man, Kurt, you're so old, your Social Security card is number 000-00-0003, dude. When Kurt was first drafted, teammate Derrick Rose hadn't turned 7 years old.

One last thing on the Jets...once again, the Jets receivers couldn't catch a cold, much less passes that hit them in the hands. Off-season these guys gotta go to Keyshawn Johnson and learn how to catch the damn ball.

This is not to knock the Kansas City Chiefs, because, hey a 10-5 record is a 10-5 record. But it's not like they played the Patriots, Steelers, and Falcons to get that record.

Man, the Brewers suddenly look loaded. Grienke, Gallardo, Marcum and Wolf. To go along with that lineup. Damn, the frontrunners for the NL Central in my opinion.

AAPTBNL Man of the week? Easy, Aaron Rodgers. Coming back from a concussion and goes out and throws 4 TDs and over 400 yards against a pissed off Giants defense. Nice game Aaron.

And finishing up. As if the Bills season wasn't bad enough....they have to go and further demoralize their fan base by doing this? Mistake, Bills, mistake.


blmeanie said...

McNabb - hadn't thought of it but both your options seem possible or even likely. Good call.

Pete S said...

Miami and the Niners would be giddy about getting McNabb. Also, how about the Cardinals? You think Larry Fitzgerald and company would mind an upgrade from Derek Anderson's 65 passer rating? I'm not saying McNabb is the most accurate passer in the league, especially on some of the slants and other quick throws that Warner used to make look easy, but he can still make plays.

Is it me, P-Cat, or does it seem like the media spends more time on pointing out the Jets' weaknesses than any other team's. Maybe it's Rex Ryan having the audacity to say their goal is to win the Super Bowl and that he has faith in his team. I hope the Jets go on the road and kick tail in the play-offs. As for their pass rush, I'm willing to bet that Ryan's staff will find a way to bring corner or safety blitzes to improve the pass rush.

Great call on the Brewers, P-Cat.. You were right all along vis a vis that team.

samerochocinco said...

I could see McNabb with the Dolphins or 49ers too, but I think an even more interesting destination would be Minnesota. Regardless of if he's past his prime, he's got Adrian Peterson in the backfield. Joe Webb isn't a long-term decision, and my guess is that Zygi Wilf doesn't want to keep wasting years of his players at their peak. Hey, he brought back Randy Moss; I wouldn't count him out doing something weird.

Also, I predict Clausen will be playing in the CFL by next year.

Travis said...

I've thought McNabb would go to the Vikings myself, but I don't know if he is the answer for any team. More INTs than TDs, and a 77 QB rating isn't anything to write home about.

Man, I remember watching Kurt Thomas in college, lo those many years ago.