Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Evil Empire? Boston Buys Ballplayers Too

I never want to hear Boston Red Sox owner complain again.

I never want him to refer to the Yankees as the Evil Empire, or that they buy championships. Boo hoo.

And I definitely don't want to hear how the Yankees "just buy players from markets that can't afford them anymore. Or that they trade their young talent to get veterans who will help them run to another championship.

Cause now, Boston, you do those things too.

A year after the Red Sox outspent everyone for John Lackey to the tune of 82.5 million dollars—as well as dropping 9 million on Adrian Beltre, 8.5 million on Bill Hall, plus the 15M they gave Mike Cameron—the Red Sox have outdone themselves. Heck, they've outdone everybody.

Just a couple of days the BoSox spent 154 million dollars on Adrian Gonzalez—a guy they got by trading away some young talent to a franchise that needs to "rebuild"—the Red Sox shocked everyone by outbidding Angels owner and billionaire Arte Moreno for Carl Crawford. They gave Crawford 7 years for 142 million—that's a little over 20 million per year for the mathematically challenged.

Let's not forget how they outbid everyone for Dice-K Matsusaka, by spending over 51 million dollars, just to talk to him. They then signed him to a 52 million dollar contract—meaning they spent over 103 million dollars on Dice-K. Or just under the 2010 Los Angeles Angeles entire team salary.

So if the Red Sox don't win it all in 2011—and really, as of now, there's no reason they shouldn't—no one should have to hear the whining from the direction of New England. "Oh, the Yankees are corporate. They just hire mercenaries. They are just a soulless business machine."

Well, Red Sox Nation. Your team just scored 2 of the most popular players from 2 of the smallest markets in baseball. And you got these All-Stars because those franchises couldn't afford them anymore—their most popular players.

And you bought them.

How do you feel now? Soulless?


blmeanie said...

some angry venom there cat, I agree that the line has definitely been crossed, forever. I don't agree with you listing Hall, Cameron etc. but that is details.

Gonzo's 6.2m for 2011 will jump to $22 or so in 2012, roughly the same amount that will come off the books for JDDrew who hopefully will be replaced by a kid.

Crawford's salary over $20m will escalate the total as Victor and Beltre's combined salary was slightly over $16m in 2010. Combined with Gonzo's $6m they just increased 2011 by $10m in the 2 for 2 player swap.

With Drew coming off it will be another $4m increase in 2012 from these moves.

Reality (which is insanity) is that year to year it doesn't mount to much on the base of $150m or whatever they spent last year. The staggering #'s are the $154m and the $142m for the two deals.

Much like you post the other day, I worry about years 6-7 for both these players and the productivity they will or will not have then.

blmeanie said...

forgot to say "yes" to your question about being soulless.

also forgot that $12.5m comes off the books with Mike Lowell's retirement.

did not know this until I went and looked, but Hall's $9m, $7.5m was being paid by Milwaukee, offset by the fact that the Sox were still paying somebody for Lugo - $9m :)

Sox might actually have a lower or equal payroll this year with all the additions and subtractions.