Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Five

1. If you were Andrew Luck, and pretty much guaranteed to be a number 1 pick in the draft, would you have gone back to Stanford?

2. Should Bert Blyleven be a Hall of Famer?

3. Who should Michigan go after for their head coaching job?

4. If you had to choose just one of them to join the Red Sox this off-season, would you prefer Carl Crawford or Adrian Gonzalez?

5. Is it just me, or does David Stern look like Kermit the Frog?


blmeanie said...

1 - no; greed is good

2 - sure

3 - George O'Leary

4 - AG

5 - kinda, Kermit is cute though

Pete S said...

1. I would have bolted, but it seems as though Luck is a person of character...I salute him for his decision.

2. Yes...he was on a lot of bad teams, but still won a ton of games and made a lot of batters look foolish.

3. Michigan should beg Urban Meyer to coach there. If that doesn't work, they should buy out Gary Patterson's contract from TCU.

4. Carl Crawford. He's a 5 tool player, and the Red Sox outfield isn't exactly gold glove caliber.

5. I ain't just you. Even more disturbing is the level of control they both display over their respective spheres of influence. Kermit rules Sesame Street with an iron hand just like Stern does with the NBA.