Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five

1. OK, midterm report card: Which team is the best in college basketball?

2. OK, off-season report card: Which MLB team had the best off-season?

3. Is Tom Brady the best quarterback in the NFL?

4. Will Sam Bradford be one the best NFL QBs in a few years?

5. Is "The LeBrons" the dumbest marketing idea in sports history. If not, what is?


blmeanie said...

1) just now noticing college hoops, go with Duke, they looked impressive the other night

2) with Cashman saying Joba is a bullpen guy even after getting Soriano I will back away from the Yankees as my choice. The Sox offseason was getting guys back healthy plus subbing in Gonzo and Crawdaddy in for Beltre and Martinez. The A's (I keep hearing) have done really well. Not sure, I think the Padres in a couple of years may look back and say they did too.

3) Not currently, but career wise he has done more without talent around him and with talent around him than others. Currently, Aaron Rodgers is climbing fast, may get to the top spot if he continues to win this postseason.

4) sounds like it, top 10 at least

5) I've ignored it because for the first few years I thought Lebron himself took a low radar approach but in the last year he either has really bad council and/or has really become full of himself. As for other bad marketing in sports? Can't think of anything right now. Maybe that cartoon Kobe thing last year?

Pete S said...

1. Kansas. They've played a tough schedule and will get better.

2. The Phillies, just for snatching Cliff Lee.

3. At this point, yes. He had a great year. There are a few that are right there, though.

4. Yes. I loved him in college and he showed accuracy and some smarts this year.

5. No, it's actually not that bad. Michael Jordan, CEO was retarded. It was akin to a Ross Perot, Dunk Master marketing campaign.