Monday, January 3, 2011


Seriously...what the heck happened to Eli? 10 INTs in 2008? 25 this year. What the heck happened?

Remember when Mike Lupica was actually a legitimate sports reporter. Wow, seems like a long time ago. now he's just a doofus.

I mean, seriously. Lupica criticizes Rex Ryan for having a bravado style. Why? Ryan talks about being the biggest baddest team on the planet. So what? Heck, I'd want my coach to talk that way too. But Lupica considers that a problem. What else does he find wrong with Rex? Well, apparently, Mrs. Ryan likes her some feet. So what? Who cares what the Ryans do in their bedroom. Sideshow staying to the the end of the day, the Jets went 11-5. They beat the Patriots and Steelers this season. They are in the playoffs. Mike, why are you complaining?

Not to second guess Randy Edsall.....well, yes I am...but Maryland? Of all the openings you could have taken, you go to Maryland? Why?

The fact that Marvin Lewis is leaving the Bengals because they won't upgrade the facilities is just ridiculous. The Bengals should be embarrassed. But they won't be.

The Raiders sweep their division and gets a .500 mark on the year, for the first time since 2002 (or 4 coaches ago), so what do they do. Obviously fire the coach giving your time the progress they haven't seen in almost a decade. Just ridiculous. The Raiders should demand that their owner hire a GM and stay out of his way.

Hey Raffy. Shut up. You took them. And everyone knows you did.

Gotta love this quote from Raheem Brock of the Seattle Seahawks: Brock, who registered 2½ sacks and a forced fumble in Sunday night's division-clinching victory over the Rams, was quoted in The Seattle Times: "I hate rookie quarterbacks and I wanted to hit him [Rams QB Sam Bradford] as much as possible. I'm not going to let a rookie quarterback take me out of the playoffs." Outstanding quote.

Memo to Eric Mangini. Next time you accept a head coaching job, make sure you have a secure quarterback situation. In your first job with the Jets, you had 2 broken aging QBs in Chad Pennington and Brett Farve. And with the Browns you had...LOL...Jake Delhomme and rookie Colt McCoy. Seriously, choose your next job with some more care.

In the shooting fish into a barrel article, NESN's Tony Lee decides that surprise, Tampa is the baseball franchise most in need of a new stadium. Well, duh. They play in a warehouse with the Brady Bunch's plastic backyard lawn for a field.

For AAPTBNL Man of the Week, I'm giving the award to....the Tampa Bay defense. All of them. 7 passes defensed against Drew Brees with a pick. Throw in 3 sacks and holding the Saints to just 13 points in a game they really wanted to win. Great performance. And next year...I'll say it now....they win the NFC South.

And lastly....."sweetcakes?" Why not just refer to her as a "broad" and tell her to get to the kitchen. Class move, dude. Very classy.


Travis said...

I called Tom Cable's firing. I don't know who is the dumbest owner in the NFL: Davis, Jones, or Snyder.

I don't blame Mangini too much for taking the Browns job. There are only 32 NFL head coaching jobs, and not everyone can be picky.

blmeanie said...

I like what the Bucs did against NO but I like the Falcons young team with great leadership in Dimitroff and Smith. Atlanta will be there next year too at the top of the division.

Never liked smarmy Lupica. Reminds me of a neighbor kid growing up that thought he knew more than everybody about sports but sucked at everything. Not saying you have to be athletic to be cool but...just saying.

Palmeiro? Amazing stats, ruined by a B12 shot. I like chewables myself.

Tampa baseball? Rome is falling? Follow the A's my friends down south, do it right, every 5th year you can make a 2 year run...never get funding for new digs though.