Monday, January 10, 2011


One of the really cool things about Marshawn Lynch's insane run, where he avoided like 95 tacklers, was that Matt Hasselbeck was downfield trying to throw blocks. When a QB is trying to throw blocks downfield, that is awesome.

The worst part of that run, for New Orleans, was Jabari Greer's attempted tackle. He looked like Jeff Van Gundy trying to hang on to Alonzo Morning

Michael Vick looks like Michael Vick again.

Yes, Carmelo Anthony is a scoring machine. but is he one of the top 3 players in the league. No. Show the Nets should not give up that much for Melo. They just shouldn't. Don't think he's that kind of player.

Another bad trade made this week. Well, maybe bad is overstating it, because Matt Gaza can be a good pitcher for the Cubs. But man, did they give up the house for him. Dude isn't 1977 Steve Carlton, Cubbies. It's Matt Garza.

After 2 crap seasons, Glenn Dorsey finally turned on the light switch in his head. 11 tackles yesterday for a 3-4 lineman—nice. He just seemed everywhere yesterday. Too bad the rest of his defense (except Eric Berry) didn't show up.

And I like Ray Rice as a RB a lot, but man did he whiff on some  blocks yesterday. If I was Flacco, I'd be a little miffed at him.

Been wondering for a while who should the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to. More and more I think the Niners seem like a good fit for him. Harbargh just seems like the coach to get the most out of a guy like Kolb—a strong armed smart passer. Look what his brother did with Flacco.

Not that Andy doesn't have the right to take his time to contemplate his future. But really, his his making the Yankees hang out in the wind.

Mark Sanchez is one of those guys who never, ever looks good doing what he is doing, but seems to always just do enough to win. How else can you explain him? Does he look like Joe Montana in the pocket. Aw, hecks no. But dude has done enough to have 3-1 in playoff games (all road game), and in the process beat Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning. Must be doing something ok.

Boy, Reggie Bush showed up big when his team needed him on Saturday huh?

You gotta like what the Rockies are doing. They just signed potentially the next Albert Pujols in Carlos Gonzalez to a very manageable long-term contract, after signing Troy Tulowitzski to a manageable contract last season. Keeping a young nucleus under wraps for a long while, all to manageable contracts. Nice way to build a dynasty.

Man of the Week. Easy. Matt Hasselbeck. Beat up seemingly since training camp. They guys goes out there and simply has the prettiest day a QB has had in a while. Go check the tape and how he throw the ball. Just the way it should be done. And got 4 TDs and beat a really good day by Drew Brees and took his 7-9 team another round in the playoffs. Way to go, Matt.

And if you haven't seen it's the Pro Bowl Shuffle. Stupid, but funny.


Pete S said...

I'm still stunned that the defending Super Bowl Champs were beaten by a 7-9 team. Amazing.

If the Nets can bring in Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups along with Melo like the rumor mongers are saying they want to do, then that's a team worth watching. Melo without some scoring balance makes no sense. You're right, P-Cat, Melo is not a top 3 player. Top 10, yes, but not top 3.

Dorsey finally caught my eye too. He can move for a big guy. He looked a little like John Randle in that game.

I think Sanchez is showing a lot of grit for a youngin, too. If he could win in Foxboro, Jets fans should canonize him.

blmeanie said...

Hasselbeck blocking or trying to block was the highlight on that run, right behind the incredible stiff arm push by Lynch.

Vick would have looked like Vick again unless he won the SB. I agree but it confirms what many have said, that as the season wears on, he and his style becomes less effective and gameplanable. The body cannot take the hits he takes in the open field and have the poise remain in the pocket. Great year, still believe there are a bunch of teams that wished they had him.

Garza out of the AL east - awesome, laugh at the Cubbies but thank them at the same time.

I heard/read somewhere that Billups will not/does not want to leave Denver. Not sure if he has a no-trade or not.

P-Cat - you taking the Jets this weekend?