Tuesday, January 18, 2011


An amazing weekend of football leads to 2 improbably Championship games. And they are games the way they should be played in January: in the cold, maybe snow; in the mud. Played hard and hurt. Pittsburgh is going to be around 14 degrees warm on Sunday, Chicago a balmy 15. Going to be 2 good ones come Sunday.

Sure, Rafael Soriano can help the Yankees. But only if the Yankees can swing a deal for a new starters. Otherwise Soriano will be coming into the 4th inning of ball games.

So Brett Gardner...feeling valuable? Like, maybe, a trade chip? Cause I have the Yankees are feeling that way. I just hope its not for Derek Lowe. Because that would be bad. Really bad.

Tell me why the Big East basketball conference isn't better than say..the NBA Central Division. Cause I would put Pittsburgh, Syracuse, UConn, West Virginia, Villanova, Georgetown and Notre Dame up against Indiana, Cleveland, Detroit and those guys any day.

Here's another "football player" complaining about the sod in a stadium in the middle of January. And again, I say, "too. Damn. Bad." It's football for Christs' sake. For almost a hundred years it's been played in the cold, in the mud, in the rain and sleet. You don't like it? Start your own Sunny Day and Astroturf football league and leave the real game to the guys who don't complain.

Some buzz around the league is that John Elway may consider trading one of his few good defensive players, D.J. Williams, for draft picks. With just six draft picks, and only two after the third round, we hear the Broncos will be looking to stockpile selections prior to the draft. Williams was stripped of his captaincy after his second DUI arrest this season and has not displayed the attitude the organization expects from its leaders moving forward. Sounds like a future Cincinnati Bengal to me.

The past few years, I've been a fan of what the Milwaukee Brewers have been doing. Not running the show like a small market team, but like a team that will do what it takes to win. Love them. But putting a multi-year Rickie Weeks high on the To Do List. I don't get it. Sure he had 29 HRs, and that's nice. but the guy can't field (15 errors, 3rd in NL) and strikes out a just stupid 28.3 % of the time. That's ridiculous. Unless Prince Fielder is demanding the team to sign Weeks, the Brewers should focus on other things and maybe use Weeks as a trading chip.

I think that we can all agree—even Ohio State fans—that Michigan really needed this.

Derek Lee giving up Gopher Balls. That's what he does.
For the AAPTBNL Man of the Week, gotta go with Aaron Rodgers. 31 for 36. I mean, Jeeesh. He was 26 for 28...to his main 4 wideouts. Just a ridiculous performance. if he is anything like that next week in Chicago, the Bears defense is going to have a tough afternoon. Congrats, Aaron.

And lastly, some Clide the Glide photos. Just because.

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