Monday, January 24, 2011


I don't know how injured Jay Cutler really was, but hell, they would have to knock my head clear off my body and then run it back for a touchdown to get me out of a NFC Championship game.

B.J. Raji is going to be a force in this league. And not just because of his huge guy. At 340 lbs, the man can still move. Strong and nimble, he can do what no other NT can do. A future All-Pro.

Instead of demanding a trade, if I were Carson Palmer I'd worry more about my massively declining skills.

Just a hunch; but the Rays losing Grant Balfour, Dan Wheeler and Rafael Soriano are bigger losses than Carl Crawford. The middle relief and Soriano were a strength for the Rays. And now they have Kyle Farnsworth and Joel Peralta (who had a 5.98 the last time he pitched in the AL). A strength has become a significant concern.

I love the overkill of writers like this. And by "love" I mean I shake my head in disgust. It couldn't be that maybe the Steelers were just a better, more talented team? That the Jets have been playing way over their talent level for a while now and faced a superior team. Huh, maybe? No, to writers like this, someone always has to the idiot goat loser of the game. Everything is a overkill. ("Only Roethlisberger isn't Manning or Brady, both statuesque passers who crack and crumble under the first hint of pressure.") I hate writers like this. And by "hate" I mean loath.

How the heck are the Packers the favorite? Didn't they just eek their way into the playoffs while the Steelers were dominant all season long. Didn't get that one.

College Football News has it's early Top 10 projection for the 2011-2012 season, and the oddest thing. The former Big 10 has as many teams in Top 10 as the powerhouse SEC. How is that? Well obviously Ohio State and a strong Wisconsin team are in there. But the 3rd team in the Top 10 for the increasingly misnamed Big 10 is newcomer Nebraska. Another interesting thing: there are 7 SEC teams in the top 25 and not one of them is the national champion Auburn Tigers.

Wow, this is really the slow season of baseball.

You stay classy, Dan Jennings.

How the heck did the Royals get Billy Butler to agree to a contract that averages less than 8 per? B.B. batted .318, had a .388 OBP and had 45 doubles. And he's only 24, so you know he'll be getting tons better. I mean I know he's not eligible for free agency for a while, but I'd think he was worth more than 8M per.

I'd have liked to give the AAPTBNL Man of the week award to Brian Urlacher who was all over the field yesterday. He had 10 tackles, 9 of the solo, a sack, and interception deep in Chicago territory. But ultimately you have to give it to undrafted rookie Sam Shields. 2 INTs including the game deciding one late in the 4th. He also had a sack and a forced fumble. Totally deserving, Shields is Man of the Week.

And just inexcusible.


Pete S said...

Think back to Philip Rivers starting and playing through an AFC Championship game against the Steelers a few years ago with a torn ligament in his knee. Some guys just want it more.

Nice call on Raji. He will be a big problem for the Steelers if Pouncy can't come back and play well in the SB. The Jets exposed that weakness yesterday.

You're right about Palmer, P-Cat. If not for Eli Manning, Palmer throws picks as routinely as any QB in the NFL. It's not like he didn't have weapons around him, either.

If you're banking on Farnsworth to play a big role in your bullpen, good luck Rays.

Big Ben has a defense that keeps him in every game no matter how poorly he plays. He has had as little to do with their success as any QB on a great team that I can remember besides Terry Bradshaw. From Randle-El's TD pass to James Harrison's TD run, Big Ben has been put on a pedestal that he should be sharing with everyone else in that organization.

The Packers were hurt all year and are the hottest team in the League. That explains the early lines. My guess is that the line will shift back towards Pittsburgh.

The Big Ten is always overrated in football. Honestly, I don't know why.

Great post, P-Cat.

blmeanie said...

Vegas sets lines to get money played on both sides, generally it is a sign of who should win but if there is momentum in bets on a particular team (packers) they place/move lines to offset that momentum

Pete S said...

Thanks, Blue Meanie, you validated my point vis a vis the line on the SB