Monday, January 31, 2011


Would like to start out by tipping my hat to retiring Rocco Baldelli. Hate to see an athlete forced to quit due to injury or sickness. Ole' Rocco had had as much natural talent as anybody. Could hit for power and average. Could run. Glad to see that the Rays are doing right by him at least. And only 29. A damn shame.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's super-mega-awesome that St. John's beat Duke at the Garden yesterday. But let's remember; right now, the Red Storm's record is 12-8. At this point, last year, at this point, their record was 12-8. And yes, they have beaten some quality teams this year, unlike last year. But 12 and 12 and 8.

Vince Young tells ESPN that he’s an “elite quarterback,” and believes he’s worth starter money. What team would trade for him knowing his 2011 base salary is $8.5 million? Well, Vince—for a guy's who's completion rating was 6 points lower than Jon Kitna in the same amount of games played, who's never won either "jack" and/or "squat" and who's abandoned his teammates more than once—should be a little more humble when looking for a starting job somewhere. Look, you are a talented and sometimes very good QB, but you've got to grow up and apply yourself. You've already been passed by younger QB's, Ryan, Flacco and Freeman (and probably Bradford), don't waste your career, dude.

Can't say why for sure, but I just get the "bust" feeling from Christan Ponder. Again, really can't explain to you why, I just get the feeling: Major Bust.

Bad move, Titans. bad move. No stability. No direction. All the better coaches already hired. No clear-cut starting quarterback. As former Knick Michael Ray Richardson famously said: "The ship be sinking."

Some people believe that even though the Eagles franchised Michael Vick and have publically stated they would like in trading Kevin Kolb, that they won't trade him. Reasoning; Vick gets hurt. A lot. Which is true—so saying loudly that they want to trade him shows Kolb that they really are trying to get him to another team, but secretly keeping him to protect themselves if/when Vick gets injured. The only caveat I had is that, for some reason, the Eagles really like Mike "The Roach" Kafka, a 4th round draft pick who's got zilch experience. If they feel comfortable with Kafka backing up the injury-prone Vick, then trade Kolb and get more picks. But you'd better be right about "The Roach."

Good article over at MLBTR. Considering the Houdini act the Blue Jays pulled in getting out from under Vernon Wells behemoth contract, the article covers the Blue Jays future financial obligations, and projects a run at Prince Fielder. Also, considering the Blue Jays have 8 of the first 70 picks in the draft, there is some nice rebuilding going on over in Toronto.

Texas A&M OLB Von Miller has the potential to be an animal in the NFL. If he gets good coaching and put into the right scheme, he will be a beast.

This is a nice move by YES. Coney is a pleasure to listen to: informative and funny. Good hire.

And lastly, check out some really cool pix from the year in sports that was 2010.

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blmeanie said...

Rocco stories are indeed sad, but they are the type of stories that live with you if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Tony Conigliaro was mine (Len Bias too but doing it to yourself takes a little bit of the shine off). Tony C was a local kid (like Baldelli) and was a superstar in the making. He was Boston's Joe Dimaggio in the making. A mega star to the public, to the media and to the fans. Then the beaning. I rooted for Rocco when he came to the Sox because of his story.

Vince Young is a moron. "Elite" ? That is the problem with youth today, elite, Hall of Fame, All-Time, etc. should be reserved for people that truly deserve it. It could be possible to not have an "elite" quarterback in the NFL at a point in time. True there are good arguments that Brady and Manning are elite career players. Brees and others are not Elite. Certainly no hack like VY is elite. 'Nuff said.

I agree on Philly trading Kolb, get a pick or two for him while you can.

Toronto will make a run in a few years but still will lack the funding for an extended run and/or bringing in veteran free agents to get to the top against the Yankees and Sox.