Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Five

1. Will there be a NFL lockout?

2. Have you ever watched the XFL, USFL or CFL?

3. How many teams has Jamie Moyer played for?

4. How many Super Bowls have the Green Bay Packers won?

5. Does the fact that Joe Montana's son is thinking of transferring to Montana U. tickle you


blmeanie said...

1- yes, I kind of hope so. Tired of sports unions and their power. Players make the plays, true, but without owners (any sport) there wouldn't be the teams/sport. The success of the NFL should not be the reason the players get more and more. Business owners should be allowed to run their business.

2- Old USFL when Herschel etc. were there

3- probably 10 or so

4- four I think

5- nope, from the looks of it he doesn't have great talent so why should anybody notice or care

Travis said...

Yes, but I don't think they will miss any regular season games. The pre-season sure.

2. All of them at least once.

3. I will say 6.

4. Super Bowls? 4.

5. Yep

Pete S said...

1. Yes, but I think it will be brief.

2. Not much of the XFL or CFL, but I did go to a NJ Generals game.

3. Cubs, Mariners, Phillies, Orioles? That is a tough one cause he's been around forever.

4. Four...the first 2, Favre's and this year.

5. It certainly is funny -