Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. Which college did Carmelo Anthony go to?

2. Which college has the most NFL players on a roster?

3. OK, I'll ask it: Where does Albert Pujols end up?

4. If you were a HS or college wrestler, would you wrestle a girl?

5. Remarkably, Yahoo has the biggest 5 pro basketball busts as these guys:
The “top” five:
1. Adam Morrison
2. Ed O’Bannon
3. Steve Alford
4. LaRue Martin
5. Walter Berry

Who would you pick as the biggest bust of all time? 


P-Cat said...

I'll start:

1. Off the top of my head, I think it was Syracuse, but am not sure.

2. Guess: Miami or USC

3. I still say St. Louis, but a close second is Texas.

4. No. Unless she was hot.

5. Without a doubt, Kwame Brown or Michael "The Kandi Man" Olawakandi

Pete S said...

1. The Cuse
2. The U
3. St. Louis
4. What does she look like?
5. Lloyd Daniels

blmeanie said...

1 - syracuse
2 - Ohio St
3 - Angels
4 - sure, beat her soundly
5 - tie; Sam Bowie, Gred Oden

The Captain said...

1) 'Cuse

2) Oklahoma

3) St. Louis

4) Absolutely. Probably the only wrestling match I could win.

5) Kwame Brown, with Len Bias a close second.

Call it insensitive but him never playing a game killed the Celtics in the 90s after the Bird-Parrish-McHale era was over.

Travis said...

1. I knew this oen, and it was Syracuse.
2. Miami
3. St. Louis
4. Nope
5. Kwame Brown