Monday, February 21, 2011

In Honor of President's Day

What was the greatest athlete with a President's name: Some examples:

U.L. Washington
Grant Hill
Antonio Pierce
Tyler Brayton
Roosevelt Potts
Charlie Hayes
Cleveland Gary

and my personal favorite,

Lincoln Kennedy

Come up with some other good ones.


blmeanie said...

nice with U.L.

here are a few that came to mind quickly:

Pat Zachry
Ray Buchanan (woof)
Grover Alexander
Tanya Harding
Kermit Washington
Norm Nixon

The Captain said...

Al Jefferson
Ian Kennedy
Homer Bush

Not a lot of greatness in there, but a couple former Yankees.

P-Cat said...

Nice blmeanie!

How could I forget Homer Bush!

Pete S said...

Rodney Monroe
John Jefferson
Flozell Adams
Vince Carter
Roosevelt Potts

Pete S said...

I just realized I repeated Paul's Roosevelt Potts submission. Okay, how about Frank Gore (oh yeah, Gore was robbed in 2001...rimshot).