Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, I went 3 for 3 on Conference championships and the Super Bowl. Which I had money on those games.

Once again, NFL. Put the Super Bowl on Saturday! Getting up, especially on the East Coast, on Monday to go to work is awful.

I know college football is a religion in the south, but having a live video feed of the Alabama Crimson Tide fax machine as recruits' commitment letters came in—and then a mini-skirted check picking up the faxes—...is more than a little weird.
Project Prospect has their Top 100 prospects in the game right now. Worth a look.

Odd that the Rangers would lowball Josh Hamilton. Wouldn't they want to lock this guy up. as the Reds did with Joey Votto? Guy won the MVP, led the league in slugging, OPS+, batting average and RBIs. 8 mill per? That could get Hamilton mad, guys. Play fair.

How could the fans vote in Yao Ming ahead of Kevin Love? Ming played 5 games this year people, while Love is averaging 21/15 a game. And he's making "Donnie" Darko Milicic look like a decent player by playing next to him. That alone deserves a start on the all-star squad.

Profootballweekly.com speculates that the Patriots could use one of their first round picks on a DE. Well duh. One one of the best DE drafts in a while and the Patriots still trying to fill their glaring DE hole since Richard Seymour got traded, yeah, durp, PFW, they might use a pick on a DE.

Would the Nuggets just trade Melo already. This will they/wont they stuff is getting ponderous.

Speaking of which, how the heck did Clemson pull of this good a recruiting class. Clemson, notorious for high expectations and flopping during the season hasn't won double digits since the South seceded, and closed last season by losing 4 out of their last six, including getting annihilated by South Carolina, then blowing the final game to South Florida. Yet they put up a Top 10 recruiting class. How?

Interesting article regarding where Albert Pujols could end up if the Cardinals negotiations break down. The Texas Rangers make a lot of sense.

For AAPTBNL Man of the Week, come on....duh. Aaron Rodgers. Guy handled the whole Brett Favre thing with class, had the weight of all that on his shoulders—not to mention the Steelers defense, and not only handled it well, he made beating the Pittsburgh Steelers and winning the Super Bowl look easy. Let's go over this again, he took a 6th seed who squeaked into the playoffs and ended up beating the Steelers by throwing 3 TDs and over 300 yards. Well done, Aaron. Enjoy the moment.

And lastly....I'm not a fan of the guy and I'd be the last person to defend his actions overall, but really....piling on the guy because his girlfriend feeds him popcorn. Go after Alex for legitimate reason. not for something silly like this.


Pete S said...

Hats off to you on the picks. And you're so right about the SB needing to be on Saturday. Or, how about this radical idea...Start the season a little earlier and have the game on the Sunday of Martin Luther King weekend if it wouldn't be deemed disrespectful in some way to African-Americans?

It seems like the Rangers are getting cute...first Young now Hamilton? They need to take care of their players.

All the Chinese fans flooded the internet to get Yao in there. They don't even know who Kevin Love is.

There is traditionally a good amount of talent in the South Carolina area and Clemson will always get some of it. Not deserved, but tradition means a lot down there.

Rodgers cut up that defense like a surgeon. If not for some drops, he could have put up gaudier numbers.

Travis said...

The deal with the Rangers and Hamilton is that Hamilton gets injured a lot. He missed about 30 games last season and almost half the season the year before. You is a butcher in the field with declining offensive stats. And he has a near unmovable contract at $16 million a year. made worse by him speaking out.

I haven't paid attention to any all-star game since like junior high. Especially, when fan voting is involved. They almost always get it wrong.