Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Pitchers & Catchers Day baseball fans.

If Albert Pujols goes to free agency he's only going to cost the Cardinals more to sign him. And if they lose him, that fan base would have to be crushed even worse than when LeBron took his talents to Miami.

Considering the fact that the Panthers haven been looking for a dominating presence in the middle of their defense since Kris Jenkins got traded and that their starting DTs are Nick Hayden and Derek Landri, I'd say the early run to be the first pick in the draft has got to be Nick Fairly, DT out of Clemson.

St. John's is starting to make a believer of me. beating 4 teams in the top 10, beating 19-5 Cincinnati last night....they might be putting it all together at the right time.

It's amazing to me that Green Bay won the Super Bowl with a defense that averaged 4.7 yards per rushing attempt—2nd worst in the NFL. That average dropped in the postseason to 4.1 yards, but it was still one of the worst for teams in the playoff. The important thing to notice is this. Even though the Packers gave up a bunch of yards per carry, in 4 games in the playoffs, the longest run against the Packers was 18 yards. That's pretty amazing.

The 2011 draft looks to be another draft without a Notre Dame player in the first round. The last first rounder from Notre Dame was in 2007, Brady Quinn. Before him was Jeff Faine in 2003 and before him Luke Petitgout in 1999. Tell me again, how does this team recruit so well?

Interesting audible from PFW: One scout writes:
"Everyone got all excited about Michael Vick — and there was reason to be excited early — but if you look at how he finished the season, you see (that) teams started to figure out that if you make him play quarterback, he is not that good.  He's not a great three-step, five-step, read-and-throw-to-the-open-receiver quarterback. And he takes more hits because he does not read it quickly. Look at the Indy game when (Colts MLB Gary) Brackett drills him. If his primary (receiver) is not there and he has to go through the thought process, he holds it for an extra second to second-and-a-half, and in this league, that is the difference between a defender breezing by — like they do with Peyton Manning, barely touching him — or getting drilled. If I'm Michael Vick, I'm digging up every game that Steve Young played late in his career when he made his transformation, and I'm studying it."
Totally agree and said this myself. Vick. Talk to him. He's the template for what you're trying to do.

I'm already of the mocking articles of how the Yankees got spurned on the should-have-been-a-layup signing of Cliff Lee. Lee never wanted to come to New York, guys and were just using the Yankees to drive up the price. You can stop gloating now guys and try writing an actual insightful article.

In the "Are You For Real?" news of the week, former baseball player Elijah Dukes has come out and said that he is being blackballed by MLB. In short, Dukes is claiming "Dukes talked about how the police are out to get him, the difficulties of being a black athlete in Tampa and how he was "thrown under the bus" by Major League Baseball."

Funny, Carl Crawford hasn't said anything about how difficult it is to be black in Tampa. Neither has David Price. Oh and the Reason baseball is blackballing you is probably because you batted .250 over your career, had as many stolen bases as caught stealings and had a problem catching the ball. Oh and it might also be the fact that you've been arrested at least three times for battery, and once for assault. Also you've threatened your wife and children with a gun. You also impregnated a 17-year foster girl then threw a bottle of Gatorade at her. Then you failed to pay child support. Not sure why they are blackballing you, don't have a clue.

And lastly, congratulations to Yankee announcer, Michael Kay; a good announcer, but.....well anyway, he somehow snagged news hottie Jodi Applegate.


Pete S said...

I agree with you about the Cards and Pujols. Sooner, rather than later, Cards.

Nick Fairley is the choice fore the Panthers, no question.

St John's has Gene Keady as an assistant coach. He has 550 wins in his college career as a head coach and most of those wins were at Purdue. Bob Knight has been quoted as recognizing that Gene Keady was the best defensive coach he has ever known. St. John's is being tutored by one the best defensive coaches in basketball history.

The Packers did not have to stop the run because nobody forced them to do so. Their Don Capers defense forced teams to throw the ball downfield. Nobody could do it. Big Ben looked like a fool against that defense.

Michael Kay is annoying at best.

blmeanie said...

go short years, 6 or 7 tops averaging $30-$33m per. He's looking for the $30m per I believe. You can't go 10 years at this point.

Pete S said...

Blue Meanie is right...10 years is out of the question.

blmeanie said...

that's the 2nd time in the last month Pete has agreed with something I wrote, geesh, what is the world coming to?

Pete S said...

I give credit where credit is due. If I disagree, I throw my opinion out there. It's nothing personal.