Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five—the nickname quiz

OK, name the athlete who goes with the nickname:

1. "Crazy Legs"

2. "Boom Boom"

3. "Pronk"

4. "Chocolate Thunder"

5. "The Hit Man" 2 answers for this one.


Travis said...

1. Was it something Hirsch? or Johnson?
2. The only one I remember is Freddie Washington from Welcome Back, Kotter.
3. No idea
4. Darryl Dawkins
5. Tommy Hearns

Pete S said...

1. Crazy legs Hirsch
2. Bam Bam was Hensley Muelens. No idea who Boom Boom is.
3. No clue
4. Darryl Dawkins from the Planet Lovetron
5. Mattingly. I still have the poster of him in a pinstriped gangster suit.

P-Cat said...

Hirsch is right

Boom Boom Mancini

Travis Hafner

Planet Lovetron. Nice, Pete.

Both are right. And I had that poster too, Pete.

Travis said...

I actually figured out Boom Boom Mancini later because his birthday was Friday and they mentioned it on the radio.

Pete S said...

Forgot about Ray Boom Boom Mancini. nice.

The Captain said...

I know I'm super late to the party here, but I would have said:

1) Hirsch
2) Ray Mancini
3) No idea. Never would have guessed Hafner
4) Darryl Dawkins
5) I would petition the commitee for the inclusion of Bret Hart. He may not have competed in a "real" sport, but he was the Excellence of Execution.