Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late Spring Training Yankee Trade Speculation

With the Yankee Roster more or less set for Opening Day, it's time for Brian Cashman to start earning his pay.

Why? Because the Yankees actually have more good players than positions.

Take for instance Jorge Vasquez, the welcome surprise of spring training. Unfortunately for Jorge, despite batting .483 with 3 HRs, there's a zeroey-zilch forget-it chance of him making the roster as a 1st baseman—that spot is kinda, sorta taken for the next 6 years or so. Well, then he's a commodity as a trade chip, isn't he?

What about Romulo Sanchez? As Ken Rosenthal tweeted recently, Sanchez's decent spring is attracting attention. His numbers aren't flashy but he throwing hard and seems to have done enough to earn a roster spot somewhere. Cashman needs to find that somewhere.

Then there's the rumor that the Yankees might release Sergio Mitre. Someone somewhere needs a 5th start/spot starter/reliever who had a 1.093 WHIP last year in 54 IP.

None of there guys are blue-chip trade pieces—if they were they'd be on the Yankee roster. But each of them has value to someone somewhere. So you have to ask, why can't Cashman package these guys, along with maybe a blocked prospect—say a David "Blocked by Cano" Adams or a Austin "Blocked by a bunch of guys" Romine and get a nice young 3rd base prospect? Or a right-handed bat more reliable than Andruw Jones? Or a power right field prospect?

Point being, now would be a good time for Cashman to look into getting something for pieces that either can't make the roster or are blocked. Either a good prospect for the future. Or a piece of the puzzle that might help the Yankees catch Boston during the long run of 2011.

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Pete S said...

This is what Cashman gets paid to do. Let's see if he earns his salary.