Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Still think the Nets go the better deal. As good as Carmelo Anthony is, I'd rather have Deron Williams. Especially in D'Antoni's system.

Wainwright. Pujols. Not the best month ever for Cardinals fans, eh? If the Pujols thing starts to go south, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Tony LaRussa bails, citing his health.

What the heck happened to the Texas Longhorns? They were cruising with a 23-3 win with quality wins over Missouri, Kansas, the Aggies and the Tar Heels....and then  they lose to Colorado? Nebraska? It's as if they suddenly forgot to play defense. K-State shot 50%, Colorado shot .533 and Nebraska .471. There is no way the Longhorns should be letting opponents like that shoot anywhere near 50%. They'd better turn it around fast. March is here.

One of the saddest paragraphs I've read in a while. From College Footballnews's combine coverage, a scout's take on Mark Herzlich, post cancer:
To be way too harsh and way too cold, he’s just not nearly the same player. If he was being evaluated just on his current skills and the cancer fight wasn’t a part of the equation, he’d be undraftable. … Plays with a rod in his leg and doesn’t have the same burst. It’s not even close. … He could be a solid producer and won’t miss a stop when things come his way, but he’s way too slow to be a special player again.

The Marlins say they aren't concerned that Javier Vasquez's fastball is topping out at 88mph. They should be. 88 is the same as it was last year, and with his change-up topping out a batting-tee-speed of 74mph and the movement on his pitches declining rapidly, they may soon regret signing Vasquez and giving up a draft pick for him.

What if Joba is really good again—as his impressive spring training outing suggests? Do the Yankees keep as a 7th inning guy? Or do they package him, with say, Curtis Granderson, Austin Romain and another prospect for something very nice?

I know he's been injured a lot, but the Jets giving up Kris Jenkins makes me nervous. is there anyone in the draft or in free agency as good as him at the NT? The same goes for the release of Damien Woody. Are the Jets really sure that Vladimir Ducasse can step in and man the spot. They'd better be sure.

Was never a big fan of Aaron Harang, but San Diego may have made a smart pickup in getting him for only 4 million. The cavernous Petco Park might be perfect for him. In 6 lifetime starts in Petco, Harang has a 3.49 ERA and 38 Ks, and has surrendered 3 HRs in 38.2 IP. To compare, Harang in Wrigley Field, in 73.2 IP, has a 5.01 ERA, has 56 K and has given up 16 HRS. Petco might be just the thing for him.
I'm getting really tired of these NFL labor talks. Guys, the NFL is giant ATM machine for everybody. Don't blow it.

Not how you want your team to "pull together" as the playoffs draw near.

And lastly...maybe you've heard the crazy/amazing comment by Iran. But if you haven't the short version is...Iran is upset about the 2012 London Olympics mascot. Why? Because it's Zionist.

Pick squiggly boxes with yellow borders....Zionist. Seriously, that's Charlie Sheen nuts.


Pete S said...

I think the Nets got more value for what they gave up, but Billups and Anthony were good choices. The Knicks really needed a match-up problem, a role which Anthony serves to a tee. They also needed some defensive toughness, which Billups gives them.

If the Nets can get one the free agents available next year or make a trade to get some more firepower, then the true wisdom in acquiring Williams will come to light. You have to hand it to them, the Nets were clever.

Rick Barnes' teams are always tough defensively, so your point is well made - it's very surprising that Texas hasn't played good defense.

Zionist? Is it possible that the symbol resembles something in written Hebrew?

Travis said...

Isn't Williams a free agent at the end of the season? That is one of the things that would worry me if I am a Nets fan. You might end up just getting the butt end of one season out of him

The Longhorns are starting to look like the end of last season when they went 7-9 to finish up and got bounced in the first round by Wake.