Monday, March 14, 2011


Congratulations to Kevin Love for a remarkable record: 53 games in a row with a double-double. Most impressive.

Not sure I get everyone’s outrage at Colorado not getting into the tournament. Yeah, they won 22 games and that’s impressive. Beating Texas and Missouri is very nice, but to be honest Texas wasn’t the team we all thought they were when they were 23-3, losing 4 out of their last 7. And losing to San Francisco, Oklahoma and Harvard doesn’t help one’s resume. The truth is every year a team like Colorado gets left out, and who do you remove for them? Honestly, I don’t have too big a problem with them being in the NIT.

So the NFL is screwing this up. At least we’re not missing football, but really, wrap this up sooner rather than later.

Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports is predicting an upset of Gonzaga, ranked 11th in the Southeast conference against #6 St. John’s. I think I agree with him. Gonzaga after a bad loss to Notre Dame, which left them 4-5, have been on a tear since December. They beat Baylor, Xavier and Oklahoma State all in a 2-week span. Then they closed the season by beating twice in the past 3 weeks. St John’s hasn’t sniffed the Madness in a long time while Gonzaga is battle-tested. I smell an upset.

Over the weekend, I wrote an article touting how the 2011 might be one of the worst, most expensive teams in recent memory. And today comes an article on showing how Jose Reyes has completely lost his eye at the plate, showing no discipline at all. Which is what we said. His OBP of .321 is ugly. And if the Mets are thinking of trading him at the trade deadline, they’d better get his OBP up to make him attractive to a team needing him for the pennant drive.

If Patrick Peterson falls to number 7, as in this mock draft here from Pro Football Weekly, The Niners and Jim Harbaugh will make human sacrifices to the Draft gods. "Praise be to the gods fo the draft. For this gift of Patrick Peterson, I humble sacrifice Alex Smith to you, O gods!" In other woods, Peterson will not be there at 7. If he makes it past 3 or 4, some team will trade up to get him.

Interesting point made in this article: Who exactly will the Cardinals be bidding against for Albert Pujols? The Yankees have Teixeira, the Red Sox have Adrian Gonzalez, and the Angles have Kendry Morales. The Mets and Dodgers are trying to cut payroll to due fiscal crises. The Cubs maybe, but they are still buried in Soriano’s and Zambrano’s long-term deals and might opt for the sure-to-be-cheaper Prince Fielder. The Rangers have a youngster in Smoak and might save their money for pitching. The White Sox have Konerko through 2014 and have a youngster in Dayan Viciedo who is slated to take over. Point being, you never know what can happen, but the market for Pujols doesn’t look as large as one might imagine.

So Tiki Barber, with his TV career a complete fail, wants to return to football. Let's get a refresher course on Tiki. The guy rips his teammates (Eli Manning, Michael Strahan—"Michael is not thinking about the team; he's thinking about himself"; "Eli's pre-game speeches sounded "comical.", just to name a few), his coaches (Tom Coughlin, 1 ring to Tiki’s none, 137-110 coaching record), and anybody else he can find. Then there's the fact that he decided to retire mid-way through a season. Oh, and don't forget his leaving his pregnant wife of 11 years for a 23-year old intern. Always the class act, that Tiki—I hope you get brained in a Julius Peppers—Brian Urlacher sandwich.

Early word has Grady Sizemore looking good at spring training. Which is important news for the Indians as well as Sizemore. If Sizemore is going to be an asset at the trade deadline for the Indians, he has to flash the bat and the athleticism that he had before the rash of injuries robbed the last 2 seasons. And for Sizemore, going into this late 20s big-time contract opportunity, he needs this year to flash that he can still hit .290, belt 30 HRS and steal 35 bases. Guys like him are rare, and if he wants a Carl Crawford similar contract, he needs to be healthy.

In “Derrr, durp!” news of the week, Pro Football Weekly informs us that the Denver Broncos might draft a DT? Really, you think so?

And for sheer silliness, I love this Sports/Hollywood lookalike picture-fest the Daily News had. Love the Brett Keisel-Yukon Cornelius comparison.


Pete S said...

I thought Love would be like a Laettner - a great college player and average pro. Obviously, I was wrong.

I thought Colorado should have been in over Georgia and VCU, but there's always 2 or 3 teams out there that everyone says were robbed. Expanding the NCAA didn't help. Heck, I thought Harvard should have been selected.

I wouldn't be surprised if St. John's went home either. DJ Kennedy was a very good player for them. I still think they'll find a way to win, though.

Tiki is an egomaniac who wants to go to Tampa to play with his brother. What is this, little league?

Travis said...

I hate to correct ya, but the Rangers traded Smoak last season to the Mariners in the Cliff Lee deal. They have Mitch Moreland and Chris Davis vying for the starting job at first this season.