Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Vikings Need To Get Carson Palmer

The Vikings have exactly bumpkus as their quarterbacks. Nothing. Farve is riding a tractor in Mississippi, presumably finally retired for real this time. Tavaris Jackson, who's shown next to nothing is said to be looking elsewhere for a job (lotsa luck). They also have Patrick Ramsey (yes, Patrick Ramsey) as a free agent. In other, clearer words, they have zilch. Nada.

Which is why they need Carson Palmer.

Madden should change the uni on Carson to Purple and Yellow
The Vikings are a team built to Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson, Sidney Rice, Chad Greenway. All these guys are in the peak of their careers, or just about to start slipping. The team was designed to give Brett Farve to get one more ring.

They missed that, but Carson Palmer is just the guy to take over. he represents their best chance to win with the guys they have now. if the Vikings go into full rebuild mode—which they wont—then they  go draft Jake Locker or Cam Newton and wait a few years and hopes he grows. And meanwhile, you waste Jared Allen and Sidney Rice's careers.

This is not the Bills or Panthers who need years and a complete roster overhaul. The Vikings are built to go for it right now. They have a star at running back and a well-rounded rush game (something the Bengals did not), explosive wide outs in Harvin and Rice, and a solid, if not spectacular offensive line. Would Palmer want to go to be a human tackling dummy in Arizona behind a terrible offensive line? Or play for the circus that is the Miami "Who's our coach today" Dolphins? I think Palmer has had enough of circuses.

If Palmer wants the best chance to win, and by all accounts, that's what he wants. Here's Palmer 2 days ago, requesting his leave of the Ocho-T.O. freakshow that is the Cincinnati Bengals. "I have $80 million in the bank. I don’t have to play football for money.  I’ll play it for the love of the game but that would have to be elsewhere."

That sounds like a guy who doesn't want hassles. It sounds like a guy who wants to play in meaningful games with a professional and talented supporting cast. And the team that best represents that—a team built to win now—is the Minnesota Vikings.


Cecilio's Scribe said...

not a bad play for minny. good post. no joe webb love!

Pete S said...

The Bengals have to be willing to play ball, because they own him for 4 years even if he retires.

It's a great call, though. Minnesota and Palmer would both benefit.