Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Draft Thoughts

Sorry it's been a while. Been crazy at work. Anyway...

It's pretty interesting that the Patriots took yet another cornerback at 33 with Akeem Ayers and Brooks Reed sitting there. Thee Patriots have drafted like 400 corners in the last few years, and still they haven't found 2 that they like. Odd.

I think Ryan Mallett is very lucky to go to the Patriots. That situation is going to be best thing for him.

Mason Foster is perfect for the Buccaneers.

In fact, the Bucs did really well for themselves so far.

So has Houston. Watt, Reed and Harris really, really improve that defense.

Christian Ponder is not a number 12 pick. He's not even a first-rounder.

Anthony Castonzo is perfect for the Colts.

Atlanta better be right about Julio Jones. They gave up the farm for him.

James Carpenter? In the first round? Really?

Muhammed Wilson to the Jets is a nice pick. Then Kenrick Ellis in the 3rd, and now the Jets have a young D-line. Now they just need someone to rush the passer.

On the other hands, the Eagles have had some strange picks. Can't say they were my favorite.

And finally, name of the draft so far. Ugo Chinasa.  Ugo! Chin ass!

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blmeanie said...

The Falcons needed an impact player, whether that was offense or defense is up for debate. Everybody here on the radio is saying/hoping they get a pass rusher from free agency whenever that begins.

Jones replaced Michael Jenkins who never could catch the easy/moderately difficult passes. He seemed to only catch the impossible circus catch every blue moon.

Not being able to double Roddy White will make the offense much more difficult to defend.

Look at the last few NFC teams to go to the Superbowl and how they have had top tier offenses. Green Bay, New Orleans and Arizona.

While they won't shut down anybody they may outscore many.