Monday, April 4, 2011


For all those people who doubted the Big East being a truly competitive division, and not just overrated, hear this: UConn, which is playing for the Championship, was 31-9 on the season. All 9 losses came within the Big East. They went 16-0 outside the East, 15-9 in it. If that doesn't tell you how difficult the Big East, nothing will.

Nothing against Ian Kennedy because he had a nice year last year, but my boy there should not be the Opening Day pitcher for any squad. Dude is a good pitcher, but nowhere near an ace.

I can't imagine what Warren Moon had to go through being one of the first prominent black quarterbacks. i get that. But the criticism of Cam Newton being racially motivated. Just, no, Warren. Every potential first round quarterback gets their lives scrutinized like crazy. Right now people are saying that Ryan Mallet is a bad guy because he drank too much his first year in college (what college kid didn't?). PFW wrote last year that Jimmy Clausen was " egotistical, disingenuous, scripted player with a sense of entitlement." Ouch. So relax, Warren. It's not about Cam's race, but about legitimate questions about Cam. And really, don't worry. Newton will still be a top 10 pick come the Draft.

Yes, sure it was fun to watch the Red Sox get swept down in Arlington, but really, the Sox will be OK come September. I have no ilusions about this team imploding at all. And I'm pretty certain they have enough time to come back.

That said, Saltalamacchia looked G-O-D awful this weekend. He looked like he no idea what he was doing up at the plate—just no idea. I'd be interested in seeing who the Sox go after as a half-a-season rental catcher at the trading deadline.

Pretty damning analysis from one anonymous scout of Georgia OLB Justin Houston:
• "(Georgia OLB) Justin Houston is very talented, but he could be the next Vernon Gholston. It's scary, but he shuts it down way too much. He's one of the draft's great magicians. He can disappear with the best of them."
Anyone who compares you to Vernon Gholston does not like your game, kid.

And now, a shout-out. MLB Gameday is awesome. Totally awesome. Especially for those watching the game on on the sly at work. The detail of each pitch, the stats and facts throughout the layout is great. One thing though—they have to get their batter's correct. They had Jeter as a lefty, and Granderson as a righty. Aside from that though, I highly recoomend watching any day games through that site.

If Jair Jurrjens could every get fully healthy, he'd be a Cy Young Candidate each an every year. He's that good.

Just a gut instinct. If Connecticutt wins tonite, Calhoun stays. he has every reason to go: his age, a coming NCAA investiation, nothing left to prove. But Calhoun is a ornery old coot. I think he wants another good fight, so he stays.

Don't look now, but Baltimore is 3-0 after sweeping the Rays and are on top of the AL East. Is Buck Showalter pulling off a miracle and getting Baltimore back into contention in the AL East. Ahhh, probably not.

And finally....Laurence Maroney, former first round pick, has probably just run out of chances. After getting busted on weapons charges back in January, Maroney was again busted for possession of weed. But hey, for my part, I'd probably bust him just for the hairdo. I mean, really is that's a felony of some sort?

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Pete S said...

UCONN was in the bottom half of the conference. The Big East was monster this year.

In contrast to his own experience, Moon needs to realize that an NFL team has to spend so much more on high draft picks than they used to. Of course their going to be careful. Besides, Moon didn't get drafted as a QB at all. Newton will get his shot.

Calhoun will stay whether they win or not tonight. He will want to appoint one of his assistants after he leaves, so he will hang around to make sure the program doesn't suffer from a recruiting stand point. And you're right, P-Cat, he's a curmudgeon and won't back down from the NCAA.