Monday, April 11, 2011


So the early returns on my Baseball 2011 Predictions....awful. Only one of my predictions is in first place, with that being the Rangers. The Giants, Red Sox and Braves are in last place. The Tigers are 3-6 and the Brewers are 5-5. So far, so bad.

Everybody remember one thing before we banish Phil Hughes to thee nether world of trade bait. He's 24 years old. Yes, he's pitched very poorly so far in 2011. but it's April 11th, and he's 24. Now take a deep breath and remember that before you want to trade him to Pittsburgh for a couple of fungos.

Peter King is right about the Patriots very likely trading pick #33 (first pick in the second round for a future 1st round pick. That seems exactly like their M.O. Those guys always seem to have multiple picks in the first 2 rounds.

I saw Muhammad Wilkerson, DT/DE out of Temple play a few games this past college football season...and I remember seeing a man among boys. he just seemed like he was stronger and faster than everybody on the field.

Out of 9 games, the Rangers have gotten 8 quality starts...and the other one wasn't all that bad either.

So....did Tiger win something yester.....oh, frick it. Who cares?

If Oklahoma City could play any....any....defense, they would make it to the conference finals easy.

MLB Trade Rumors had a nice little piece this morning on free agent contracts gone sour. The Fernando Rodney one was a good call—I'd forgotten about that signing. How the heck did the Angels justify giving Rodney a 2-year deal?

Speaking of awful free agent signings, the Yankees might be counting the fat one they gave Derek Jeter this past offseason. And yes, they were absolutely handcuffed into signing the Captain—there was no way he could go somewhere else. That said, no other team was breaking down his door to sign him. He was an aging shortstop with a rapidly decreasing range on the field and a slowing down by the second bat. And with an ego. The Yankees should have signed Jeter yes, but I think to a more team friendly contract. No on else was signing Jeter for what he thought he demanded.

Seriously, there might some need to platoon Jeter sooner rather than later. Sure, let him get to 3000 hits, but against dominant righties, give him a "rest". Dude batted .246 last year against righties and that number is going down this year. Sooner or later it has to happen...and if he bats as badly as he did against the Sox this weekend (2-13, 3 Ks, a bunch of weak groundouts), then let him get to 3000 and get him ready for some pine time. has an interesting little feature where they show the past 10 years of selections at each number of the first round. For instance , look how the perennial powers did when they had to select 30th the past decade. The Steelers drafted heath Miller and Kendell Davis—2 important parts of their recent Super Bowl runs, and the Colts drafted Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai at the 30th spot in 2006 and 2001. So you see, good teams pick smart...and Matt Millen picks poorly.

The Celtics are too old. They are busted. yeah, I said it.

I am so very happy the Yankees did not panic and trade for Francisco Liriano this offseason.

I'll say just one thing about the Manny substance-abuse-fueled anybody surprised?

And finally, in white men can't jump news of the day...sit back and watch this 5'11" white boy dunk. And feel very bad about your own athleticism. Or lack thereof.

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Travis said...

Well the only thing I did about your predictions was forecast failure for the Rangers, so there ya go. Still a lot of games left though.

I actually was watching that dunk contest at lunch on Friday. Watching Tucker was really good.

Oh Manny, I'm surprised it took this long for him to get busted again.