Monday, May 16, 2011


The King does not like tough D.
Kinda slow news day....anyway....

Have to give Luol Deng some mad props for the defense he played yesterday against LeBron. James looked frustrated and battered. If this is the kind of D he'll be facing all series, he's in for a long one. And apparently he doesn't like all the tough defense. Boo hoo, King James. Boo hoo.

All right, let's get past the Posada kerfuffle. Lemme just say this. I hate what Posada did this weekend, and I would have pulled him from the lineup and not just dropped him to 9th. That said. Swisher .217. Alex Rodriguez .250. Mark Teixiera .259. Derek Jeter .260. Russell Martin .243. It ain't all Posada. The entire team can't seem to hit anymore.

And it ain't just Posada who needs to find the bench.

So in his first few years in the majors, Jose Bautista hits 15, 16 home runs a season, then last year, he smacks 54 and this years he's on a pace for 80. Hate to say it, but in these times, I have my suspicions about doing the HGH and/or steroids. I hope it's nothing but talent....but....

Peter King wrote this today: "I think I'm for a reunion of Pete Carroll and Matt Leinart in Seattle. For one reason: Why not?" Frankly, I love it. If Carroll can get Mike Williams back on track, why not Leinart?

I think the Braves are starting to make their move in the NL East, taking 2 out of 3 from the Phillies. And I think Jair Jurrjens is the most underrated pitcher in baseball.

That sound whizzing past's Adrian Gonzalez on his way to the MVP.

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Interesting fact: Since the birth of his daughter, Ian Kennedy has a 1.47 ERA, striking out 37 batters in 36 2/3 innings , walking just eight. With the high K rate, opponents managed his 23 hits against him. Did he name her Cy?

Wes Welker, part 2, trying to break Carlos Roger's ankle.
What is it about Texas Tech and small, fast white guys? After Wes Welker came from nowhere to be the Patriots most reliable receiver, now Danny Amendola—according to Rams offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels—will figure to be a big part of the Ram's offense next season. Amindola had 85 receptions last year, and if anybody knows how to get the best out of Danny Welker-clone, it would be McDaniels.

For my money, the Mavs-Thunder series is the one to really watch—Derrick Rose notwithstanding. Dirk Vs. Kevin Durant just sounds like a heck of a lot of fun—sorta, whoever has the ball last wins the game.

And lastly, sure this guy is an idiot for running onto the filed, but gotta give him creativity points for his escape.

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Pete S said...

Deng was monster in making James work for his shots. Luol also went 4 of 6 from behind the arc. I can remember analysts comparing him to Marcus Camby when he was drafted, but he plays the 3 position like it was made for him. I would say he's more like a Scottie Pippen.

The Yankees have to make a trade to make themselves younger. They need another bat - or Montero needs to come up and get his shot.

Physically, Bautista doesn't look as inflated as his numbers. I agree with you though, P-Cat. Something is going on there.

The Seahawks are in decline no matter what happens. Take a shot with the Golden Boy.

I would love to saee Durant and Rose compete for the NBA title. No disrespect to Dirk, but those 2 guys are electrifying.