Monday, May 2, 2011


Chris Carter introducing himself to Boise State
Love the Greg McElroy pick by the Jets. He will eventually become a nice no. 2 behind Sanchez.

That said, I'm not sure how they passed on Chris Carter in the 5th round. Carter was a great force at Fresno State, ran a 4.58/40 yard dash, had 11 sacks—7th in the nation—and had 16.5 TFL. He was projected to go in the 3rd round and you had him there sitting in the 5th. And the Jets desperately need a OLB rush linebacker, which is where Carter projects to. Jeremey Kerley is a tiny wide receiver for a AB, Sanchez who's not exactly accurate. And here's Kerley's review in

It’s one thing to put a nail in Wyoming’s coffin, but he’s not fast enough make anything big happen on a regular basis in the NFL. He’s quick and can be used as a return man, but he’ll be a disappointing receiver who’ll only be a No. 3.
Just great.

Good to see Brett Gardner working out of his early slump—batting .545 in the last 7 days with a 1.182 slugging percentage and a 1.888 OPS.

And hey, I was very much against the Granderson for Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy trade, and I still feel it was a lot to give up—especially with Kennedy pitching at a 3.93 ERA this year—but credit where credit is due. Curtis is playing really well lately. A 160 OPS+, a .281 BA and 8 HRs. Keep it up Grandy. And great work by hitting coach, Kevin Long. Derek Jeter, are you paying attention—Long can actually help you with your swing. Do what he says.

That foul call on Paul Pierce was a terrible call. Just a terrible call.

My early selection for the team with the best draft selection: The Giants. They got Prince at 19, when most said he would go in the top 12. DT Marvin Austin is a first round talent—taken deep in the 2nd. WR Jerrel Jernigan and OT James Brewer were all expected to go higher and both fill needs. Overall a great draft.

With King Felix pitching a 3.21 ERA, Michael Pineda throwing a 2.01 and Doug Fister throwing a 2.70, how the heck are the Mariners 3 games under .500. Well, i guess it has something to do with them in second to last place in almost every batting statistic—Thanks you Twins! Seriously, with that kind of pitching, which you don't see often, you need to win.

So....Twins. Did you organize a meeting and decide that everyone on the team will have the worst yea of their career? Seriously: Delmon Young, .228 BA, Alexi Casilla, .190 BA, Justin Morneau 225 BA,  Michael Cuddyer .226 BA, Jim Thome .214 BA. Last year, the Tins had a team BA of .273, 3rd best in the AL. What the heck happened?

It's really time to leave the program you supposedly love, Jim.
Completely sucks that BC linebacker Mark Herzlich didn't get selected. I have a feeling he's going to regain some more of his athleticism and make teams pay for not taking him.

I feel terrible about the Phil Hughes situation. No 24 year old, with such a promising future should have the circulation problem he's having. Here's hoping he can make it all the way back. The Yankees sure need him.

Just out of curiosity's sake, take a look at the crazy article over at the Hardball Times. It's The Worst Day By Hall of Famers. Fun read.'s time to step down.

And better story than this.

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Travis said...

Man, that Tressel story from Youngstown, and that ESPN story on gambling at the Pop Warner level of football leaves me speechless. Just shows how crooked it really is from
top to bottom.

I too was really hoping that Herzlich would have been drafted by somebody.