Monday, May 9, 2011


You've probably seen it by now, but Andrew Bynam's foul while the Lakers were down 30 points in the 4th quarter in last night's game, then his subsequent shirt tossing—punkest move I've seen for a long time. Just a complete jerk move. First off, why do you take off your shirt—Bynam, you're not ripped—you just look like a punk. And second, why when you are down 30, do you have to throw an elbow into a defensive point guard's chest. Classless move. Hope the NBA suspends you for your blatant cheap shot for half of next season.

After a start where his fastballs were slogging down in the upper 80s, Joba Chamberlain's pitches are consistently hitting 95. Hope as the weather warms it goes even higher to the 98-99 range, back to where they were when he first came up.

One of the most underrated players in the NBA. Al Horford of the Hawks. Watch how he plays. Does a lot of the dirty work, setting screens, extending plays with tips. Dude shoots 56% for the regular season, then ups that to 78% in the playoffs. Also ups his rebounds to over 10 for the postseason and has almost 4 apg a game in the playoffs. Dude is an underrated man.
More and more baseball insiders see Albert Pujols staying in St. Louis after the season. The prevailing wisdom is that the big market teams, Philadelphia, the Yankees and Mets and Boston all have 1st basemen they like. I'd like to remind them that the Cubs have 80 million coming off the books this offseason and another 30 the season after. And sure Prince Fielder might be cheaper, but A) Fielder is just not the player Pujols is and B) screwing the Cardinals might be too much fun for the Cubs to pass up the chance. I think Pujols stays in St. Louis as well, but don't count out a massive offer from the Cubs.

Gotta admit, I did not see the Marlins top starting 3 of Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco combing for an 8-2 record and pushing the team to a 20-13 record. Johnson, sure, you expect it from him. But Sanchez and especially Nolasco, who knew? Those 3 guys could be a thorn in the side of the Phillies all summer and make the NL East a fun race down the stretch. has started its offseason team-by-team breakdown and preview with the Texas Longhorns and then going on to every BCS team from there—one a day. A good read even if you aren't a fan of the particular team that day. Good stuff. But still, I have to say, the best name I've heard in a while, Texas Longhorn running back Fozzy Whittaker. Waka, waka waka.

Nobody is happier that Jeter is doing well lately, but let's just wait until saying he's back until we get a little more evidence. yesterday's homers cam on fat pitches that weren't inside and not exactly hard heat. until he can consistently get the bat on the ball on fastballs, I'll reserve my judgement.

Everyone keeps waiting for the Indians to come back to earth...and they haven't. They are 8-2 in their last 10. And that includes a west coast trip. And big congrats to Travis Hafner for finally making back from all those injuries and returning to the player he once was. Way to endure, Pronk.

This is a nice read—the All-Under 22 team. Check out Bob Feller's 1940 season. 320 IP! 31 CG! And check out Jimmie Fox's 1929 season—batted .354, 33 HRs. But Foxx didn't even get one vote for the MVP award. What the hell?

And lastly....check out David Price's home run trot. Too bad we won't see it too much.

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Travis said...

Oh man, my phone blew up after that Bynum foul. A lot of ticked off people. Listening to the radio this morning one of the guys at the game said that Kobe grabbed Artest by the jersey and talked to him after Bynum got tossed. Presumably not to do any sorry stuff as well. I do hate to see Phil Jackson go out that way. Not getting blown out, but his team acting the way it did. Also, Bynum did that to who is possibly the smallest dude in the NBA, Borea is under 6 feet.

Totally, agree about Al Horford, but that is what happens when you play in Atlanta. The media just doesn't care.

Jeter got healthier against what I remember as typical Ranger pitching.