Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five—The no rings edition

Which of these championship-lessathletes was the best?

1. Charles Barkley (.540 fg %,12546 rebounds)

2. Dan Marino (Lifetime 253.6 ypg, 420 TD passes)

3. Ted Williams (.344 lifetime BA, 2-time MVP)

4. Patrick Ewing (2894 blocks, 21ppg)

5. Dick Butkus (5-time All-Pro,22 INTs, 27 FRs)

6. Tony Gwynn (.338 lifetime BA. 15-time All-Star)

7. Someone else

Vote and tell us why.


blmeanie said...

Ted Williams, by a long shot. Easily considered in top 10 or so all-time in his sport.

Barkley/Ewing - both were in the top 50 All-Time done in the 90's but neither sniffs out the top 10 of their sport.

Marino/Butkus - Marino might come in 2nd on this list IMO but still I think some of his shine will come off over time, some of his records will be eclipsed with pass happy teams.

Gwynn - seriously? Great player but not in the same realm.

others in no particular order:

Karl Malone
John Stocton
Allen Iverson
Pete Maravich

Barry Bonds (pre/post)
Griffey Jr
Ernie Banks
Ty Cobb

Barry Sanders

Peter Stasny
Gilbert Perreault
Cam Neely

P-Cat said...

1. I agree. Williams was kind of an easy choice. Griffey Jr. was my eighth choice for this list. And yeah, I think Gwynn gets a little bit of the overlook factor because he didn't blast home runs—he was more of a Ty Cobb guy. A 5-time Gold Glove, 7-time Silver Slugger, he had a .338 all-time BA (3 points behind Gehrig and the only person ahead of him on the list who played past the 40s was Ted Williams.

Malone and Stockton are in the top 10 of my list. Ernie Banks was considered there too.