Friday, June 3, 2011

Kincks Nix Their Own Team

This is the stupidity that has plague the Knicks for the past decade or so.

Donnie Walsh, who gutted the compost Heap that Isiah Thomas had turned the Knick Franchise into, and got eh team into the playoffs for the first time in 7 years, has been sacked becuse owner Jim Dolan wouldn't give him full authority.

Walsh, the guy who led the Pacers to 16 playoffs in 17 years, who built the team, then rebuilt the team—but never entered a full rebuilding mode—always kept the pacers rebuilding; this is the guy—a life basketball guy, that Dolan thinks should be jettisoned.

From the 2001-02 season till last season, the Knicks never got above 39 wins—and that one season was the year they fired Lenny Wilkens got fired—the guy most responsible for getting them that far. Last season, they had 42 wins and for the first time in a decade, they averaged more points than they gave up.

Here they have a reputable basketball guy—a proved winner—and they are setting the table for the return of one of the most justly vilified guys in the history of the game—at least GM-wise.

If Isiah Thomas comes back, the Knicks as a franchise are done. They are a joke. A ridiculous specimen of nepotism and the willful uncaring of the product a franchise puts on the floor. No one should attend a game.

Of course, people will attend. It's New York and people always will go.

But they shouldn't. A product ( the Knicks) that show a willful disdain for their consumer (fans), who accept that their product Isiah will make money whether they win or lose, and actively ignore the impetus to win, should be ignored. It is a crap franchise, on that doesn't care, and should be ignored.

This move typifies anything everything the Kicks have been for a decade—managed without any semblance of knowledgeable guidance. To let go a guy who...and let me be clear; I'm not saying that Walsh is the be-all end-all guy of basketball GM-ing; he is very good (didn't like the Carmelo move)but if Dolan had someone better, then fine...but this is a guy who had a proven track record of success—who got the Knicks this far, and headed in the right direction—to have no one better waiting.... Who are they going to replace him with. Someone unproved?? Isiah? To go into this, ready to let him go, and hav no one prepared, except, of course, Thomas, is a sure sign of stupidity. There is no other word.

The one hope is that the Knicks have a plan; that Thomas isn't the next GM (even if they hire a patsy and have Thomas running things from behind the scenes). That they actually are serious about moving the franchise forward., All there is is hope. lThe Knicks haven't earned any hop in a long time. let's just hope...that they are headed in a smart direction now.


blmeanie said...

love that in the Shaq retirement press conference he mockingly took a cell call and said he'd sure come up for an interview for the Knicks GM job. Classic Shaq.

good luck, as a Celtic fan, Isiah looks good in NY :)

Pete S said...

Dolan may be the biggest idiot owner in modern sports. He makes Al Davis look like a sage.

P-Cat said...

Al Davis a sage. I love it pete.

If Thomas comes back, I've got to start a campaign to boycott the Knicks. i really do.

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