Monday, June 6, 2011


Great to see that the second I start writing about how Mark Teixiera can't hit righties, he starts clubbing them. Tex has got his average up to .248 batting as a lefty against righties—still pretty bad, but a damn sight better than .222 which is where it was 2 weeks ago.

For my money, I really don't think there is much in the way of sports out there that I enjoy watching as much as a Nadal-Federer match. The competitiveness, the amazing athleticism and awesomely sick's one of the true joys in sports right now.

That said, watching Federer blow a 5-2 1st set lead was painful. From the second Nadal caught him in that 1st set, Federer was never the same. He opened the game agressive and confident. Afterwards, he appeared more tentative and made silly, unRoger-like mistakes. It was a shame for that to happen to such a true great and class act.

It really is amazing to see LeBron come up so small in the final quarter of the first 3 games of the championships. Not that he can't drop 22 in the next 4th quarter...its just that he hasn't so far—just 9 points in three 4th quarters. And deferring to teammates isn't when LeBron is at his best. Miami might go ahead and win the whole thing, but going forward, it would behoove LeBron to learn how to keep his teammates involved, but still be aggressive.

Nice to see Jeter making a little bit of better contact lately. He got his average up to .260....that said..he still is at a 79 OPS+. And a 327 OBP is probably not what the Steinbrenner family had in mind when they signing him to a 3-year 51 million dollar contract.

10 bucks says that Matt Roth ends up a Jet. They just need a guy like him too much to not get him.

Paul Konerko's impressive season wont save Ozzie's job—especially now with Peavy going down again with a groin injury. My guess, Ozzie gets fired sooner rather than later.

Kinda of a ridiculous interview by Bobby Bowden the other day. Essentially, while commenting on Jim Tressel, Bobby said it was impossible to run a clean program because there are too many rules....Scuze me? Too many rules? The NCAA has too many rules? Please. Bowden has had more than his fair share of problems running his program at Florida State....blaming the NCAA or "one bad kid" for a program's problems seems dishonest to me and as if Bowden is shirking his responsibility for his program. Bowden, we're not saying that running a spotless program is the only possibility—things do happen. But hey, you get a lot of money. The responsibility of the program is yours. Talk to Bobby Knight. It's not impossible to run a clean program.

I don't really get the Bill Madden idea of "owing it" to trade a player who clearly doesn't want to be traded. If David Wright loves it here, why would trading him to Cincinnati or Seattle be "for his own good." Not following that Bill.

Love this article by Jayson Stark, about one GM's ideas about shorting the season. My favorite. the twice a year National Doubleheader Day. Heart that idea. Another interesting one: Our GM also would add breathing room to the schedule by starting the season earlier -- with a week in March he'd call International Week. Take six or eight teams and send them off in late March to Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Venezuela or some other foreign destination. That would leave plenty of flexibility to have all the other teams play their opening-week March games in warm-weather sites or domes. Interesting ideas.....too bad they will never happen.

I think the Nationals like to spend their money as if they were an alcoholic on a bender.

And finally, the oddest sports story in a while. I mean, what the hell was Bono doing walking? And really, the guy is richer than Croesus, and he can't afford an umbrella?

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